Mondelez Maestros 2023: A Unique Business Challenge for Aspiring Leaders

Mondelez Maestros 2023: Mondelez International, one of the largest snack companies globally, is back with its annual business challenge, Mondelez Maestros 2023. This competition offers MBA students in India a platform to demonstrate their business acumen and problem-solving skills. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the essential details of the Mondelez Maestros challenge, covering eligibility criteria, competition stages and timelines, prizes, and valuable tips for participants in Mondelez Maestros 2023.

Mondelez Maestros 2023
Mondelez Maestros 2023

About Mondelez International

Founded in 2012, Mondelez International is a global snacking powerhouse. The company is renowned for manufacturing and marketing iconic snack brands like Oreo, belVita, Cadbury Dairy Milk, and many others. Operating in over 150 countries, Mondelez International recorded net revenues of approximately $31 billion in 2021. The company’s mission is to empower people to snack right through quality ingredients and innovative products while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability.

Mondelez Maestros 2023: Eligibility and Registration

The Mondelez Maestros challenge is open to all MBA students currently enrolled in full-time postgraduate programs across India. Here are the key points regarding eligibility and registration:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants must be MBA students in full-time postgraduate programs.
  • Teams of 2-3 members can register for the competition.
  • Each team must have a unique name, and members cannot be part of multiple teams.
  • Registration and team formation must be completed before the November 3, 2023 deadline.
  • The competition is free to enter, although shortlisted teams may need to cover their own expenses for participation in later stages.

Registration Process

  • Teams can register by visiting the official event page on
  • Fill out the registration form before the November 3, 2023 deadline.
  • After registration, participants will receive updates on competition details, submission guidelines, and evaluation criteria via email or on the event page.
  • All registered teams that meet the eligibility criteria will receive participation certificates.

Competition Stages and Timelines

The Mondelez Maestros challenge consists of 4 progressive stages:

Stage 1: Submitting the BIG Idea

  • Submission Deadline: November 5, 2023
  • Teams must submit a short proposal outlining their big idea for Mondelez India to expand in the biscuit category. Creativity and feasibility will be evaluated.

Stage 2: Refining the Idea

  • Submission Deadline: December 3, 2023
  • Shortlisted teams will submit a more detailed proposal, including rationale and supporting data, to further develop their concept.

Stage 3: Consumer Immersions and Mentoring

  • Dates: To be announced
  • Top teams will receive guidance from industry experts and conduct consumer research to refine their ideas.

Stage 4: The Finale Pitch

  • Dates: To be announced
  • Finalist teams will do a 10-minute presentation of their idea followed by a question/answer round. Creativity, presentation skills, and ability to think on their feet will be assessed.

The strict timelines ensure participants approach each stage thoroughly while working efficiently against the clock. Making submissions well before deadlines is advisable.

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Prizes and Rewards

The Mondelez Maestros challenge offers significant recognition and opportunities to winning teams:


  • A cash prize of INR 3,50,000.
  • Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs) with Mondelez India.


  • PPI opportunities for all team members.


  • All registered teams will receive a certificate for participating in Stage 1 of the competition.

Beyond the prizes, participants can expect to gain invaluable experience in areas like ideation, business planning, presentation skills, and interacting with industry experts. Winning teams may receive job offers from Mondelez India.

Tips for Participating Teams

To maximize your chances of success in the Mondelez Maestros challenge, consider these helpful tips:

1. Research Thoroughly

  • Study Mondelez India’s business and the biscuit category to identify gaps for new ideas.

2. Be Innovative

  • Propose bold, innovative concepts that could truly make a difference for the company.

3. Provide Rationale and Data

  • Support ideas with strong rationales and data-backed feasibility analysis where possible.

4. Refine Your Concepts

  • Be open to tweaking or pivoting ideas based on feedback between stages.

5. Perfect Your Presentation Skills

  • Practice clear, concise presentations that highlight key points within strict time limits.

6. Leverage Mentoring Opportunities

  • Use industry expertise to strengthen your proposals.

7. Teamwork

  • Work cohesively as a team, delegating roles and combining complementary skills.

8. Seek Clarification

  • Ask clarifying questions about submission guidelines and evaluation criteria for guidance.

9. Timely and High-Quality Submissions

  • Make submissions that are both timely and high-quality, leaving room to address reviewer feedback.

Participating in the Mondelez Maestros challenge is a unique opportunity for B-school students to showcase their business talents on a national stage. With thorough preparation and teamwork, it could lead to life-changing career outcomes. We wish all participants the very best in this exciting competition!

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