TECHVANTAGE Challenge: Showcase Technical Success 2023

TECHVANTAGE challenge, organized by Unilever through their digital arm, UniOps, is an outstanding opportunity for students to flex their technical muscles and exhibit their adept problem-solving abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various aspects of this competition, providing you with a clear understanding of what’s at stake.


Problem Statement: Real-world Challenges

Unilever, a global behemoth in the FMCG industry, grapples with vast volumes of data spanning its diverse product portfolio and global operations. The TECHVANTAGE challenge propels students into real business scenarios, encompassing areas such as analytics, technology, and cybersecurity. Here, participants can propose innovative solutions that could potentially impact an industry giant.

Stages: The Journey to Excellence

The Unilever TECHVANTAGE Challenge unfolds through several key stages:

1. Virtual Launch

This online session serves as the starting point, introducing participants to Unilever’s business landscape, providing in-depth challenge details, and addressing any queries that may arise.

2. Treasure Hunt

The preliminary online round is a true test of puzzle-solving, research, and time management skills. Teams must unravel cryptic clues within a specified time frame to advance further in the competition.

3. Submission Round

Shortlisted teams progress to the submission round where they present their solutions, encompassing innovative models, algorithms, and strategies. Creativity and the ability to articulate ideas with clarity are key evaluation criteria.

4. Grand Finale

The grand finale is the ultimate platform for top teams to showcase their submissions. They present their solutions through live demos/prototypes and detailed presentations before a panel of esteemed Unilever judges and leaders. This is where the cream of the crop rises, and questions are posed to assess communication abilities.

Eligibility: Who Can Participate?

The TECHVANTAGE challenge is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing specified technical streams. Teams, consisting of 2-3 members, are encouraged to apply. It is mandatory that participants hold Indian citizenship to be eligible for this esteemed competition.

Prizes and Recognition: Your Path to Success

Participants who secure victory in the TECHVANTAGE Challenge stand to gain not only the thrill of triumph but also substantial rewards. Cash prizes of ₹75,000, ₹50,000, and ₹25,000, along with certificates, await the top performers. What’s more, all top-performing teams earn a coveted opportunity for internship interviews at UniOps, which can significantly enhance their future job prospects.

Why Participate in TECHVANTAGE?

Participating in the TECHVANTAGE Challenge provides students with unparalleled insights into the operations of a global conglomerate like Unilever. It exposes them to real-life challenges and offers a unique chance to network with senior leaders in the industry. Furthermore, the competition sharpens problem-solving, presentation, and technical skills, attributes highly valued by recruiters. With attractive prizes and invaluable learning opportunities, TECHVANTAGE has become a sought-after challenge for aspiring tech professionals.

In summary, the Unilever TECHVANTAGE Challenge is a prestigious annual tech competition that offers students a chance to shine, innovate, and unlock their full technical potential. With a compelling format, impressive rewards, and the chance to engage with one of the world’s leading FMCG companies, TECHVANTAGE is an excellent platform for students passionate about technology and innovation.

Unilever TECHVANTAGE is an annual tech challenge organized by Unilever through their digital and technology division, UniOps. The challenge is designed to engage and encourage bright technical talent and innovation among students. It provides an excellent platform for students to showcase their technical skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and innovative thinking.

Here are some key details and insights about Unilever TECHVANTAGE:

Eligibility and Timelines:

  • The challenge is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Participants can form teams of 2 to 3 members to collaborate on the challenge.
  • The competition typically spans several months and involves multiple stages.


  1. Virtual Launch Event: This online session marks the beginning of the challenge and provides participants with an overview of the competition, including details about the problem statements and the rules.
  2. Treasure Hunt: In this exciting stage, participants must navigate a 6-hour online puzzle-solving round. Teams work together to solve clues and puzzles, with hints often provided on social media. This stage tests problem-solving skills, research abilities, and time management.
  3. Submission Round: Shortlisted teams from the Treasure Hunt move on to this round, where they must submit presentations that address real-world business problems. Their submissions can include proposed solutions, models, algorithms, and other creative ideas. The clarity and creativity of their solutions are evaluated at this stage.
  4. Grand Finale: The Grand Finale is the climax of the competition. Top-performing teams are invited to present their solutions in person, showcasing live demos or prototypes and delivering detailed presentations. They present their work to a panel of Unilever judges and leaders. This stage is a crucial opportunity for participants to demonstrate their communication skills and technical expertise.


  • The TECHVANTAGE Challenge offers substantial rewards to the winners. The top three teams are awarded cash prizes, with the first-place team receiving ₹75,000, the second-place team receiving ₹50,000, and the third-place team receiving ₹25,000. In addition to cash prizes, participants receive certificates of recognition.

Internship Opportunities:

  • All top-performing teams in the TECHVANTAGE Challenge have the chance to secure internship interviews at UniOps. These internships cover various areas, including analytics, technology, and cybersecurity. Internship opportunities at a global corporation like Unilever can provide a significant edge when applying for future job roles.

Learning and Networking:

  • Participating in TECHVANTAGE offers students valuable insights into the operations of a global conglomerate like Unilever. It provides a unique opportunity to network with senior leaders in the industry and gain exposure to real-life challenges. Moreover, the competition helps participants refine their problem-solving, presentation, and technical skills, all of which are highly regarded by potential employers.

Unilever TECHVANTAGE is an exciting and popular competition for students interested in technology roles. It offers an engaging platform to apply technical knowledge, think creatively, and collaborate with peers. With attractive prizes, learning opportunities, and the potential for internships, TECHVANTAGE has become a significant event for students aspiring to excel in the tech industry.

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