MICANVAS 2023: Redefining Horizons in Marketing Sucess

MICANVAS 2023 is poised to push boundaries and redefine horizons for all who participate, shaping the future of marketing.

Plenary Sessions

Setting the Stage for Innovation

The plenary sessions at MICANVAS 2023 are designed to inspire and provoke thought. Renowned thought leaders will address the audience, offering unique perspectives on the theme “Think Beyond Boxes, Redefine Horizons.” These sessions aim to set the tone for the conference, encouraging delegates to challenge conventions and think innovatively.

Day 1: “Decoding Disruption” by Punita Lal Chief Creative Officer at McCann Worldgroup India, Punita Lal, with over 25 years of experience, will share insights on leveraging disruption strategically in the advertising industry. She will provide valuable guidance on staying ahead of the curve.

Day 2: “AI’s Impact on Marketing – Promises and Perils” by Dario Amodei Leading AI safety researcher and CEO of Anthropic, Dario Amodei, will discuss the transformative role of artificial intelligence in marketing. He will also address ethical challenges and advocate for a human-centered approach to AI.

Day 3: “The Purpose-Driven Brand” by Dheeraj Sinha CEO and Chief Strategy Officer at Leo Burnett, Dheeraj Sinha, known for crafting purpose-driven brand strategies, will focus on aligning business and social objectives to build deeper connections in today’s purpose-oriented world.

Each plenary session will be followed by a Q&A to encourage interactive discussions, ensuring that delegates gain valuable insights and inspiration.


Practical Learning and Skill Development

MICANVAS 2023 offers more than 15 workshops, providing attendees with hands-on training, exposure to industry tools, and the latest techniques. These workshops are led by leading practitioners across various domains of marketing.

Social Media Marketing Masterclass Learn how to leverage platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for business goals. This workshop by Social Samosa founders covers content strategy, community building, influencer marketing, and measurement best practices.

Design Thinking for Marketers Explore the design thinking process and its application in solving business challenges centered around human needs. Led by designers from Spring Marketing Capital, this workshop offers practical experience.

Content is King: The New Storytellers Gain insights on evolving content formats and best practices in visual and mobile storytelling from top content creators and Heads of Content from Buzzfeed, Dazeinfo, and The Quint.

Data-Driven Marketing Experts from Analytics Vidhya and Fractal Analytics will demonstrate how to use analytics tools to gain customer insights, optimize campaigns, personalize experiences, and measure ROI.

Future of Media Explore trends like vernacular content, connected TV, programmatic advertising, and the evolving role of agencies with top executives from BARC India, Madison Media, and Lodestar UM.

Pitch Like a Pro Enhance your communication skills with insights from communications experts. Learn to craft compelling presentations, handle Q&A confidently, and seize new business opportunities.

Other popular workshops include SEO Masterclass, UI/UX Design Sprint, Video Marketing Strategy, and Growth Hacking for Startups. These workshops aim to equip delegates with practical skills and exposure to the latest industry tools, techniques, and case studies.

Panel Discussions

Insights and Perspectives

MICANVAS 2023 features a diverse array of panel discussions that bring together leading voices from various sectors, providing insightful discussions on current topics.

Marketing in a Post-COVID World Top marketers from Swiggy, BYJU’s, and MakeMyTrip discuss lessons from the pandemic, changing consumer behavior, and new opportunities in e-commerce and edtech that marketers must leverage.

The Metaverse Marketing Playbook Experts from WazirX, Decentraland, and Anthropic explore the evolving virtual world, opportunities for immersive experiences, spatial computing, virtual influencers, and how marketers can prepare.

Marketing Sustainability Panelists from Patanjali and ITC share how brands are integrating purpose into strategies, communicating responsibly on social issues, and driving positive impact through campaigns.

Future of Experiential Marketing Leaders from Coca-Cola, Puma, and Ogilvy discuss trends like hyper-personalization, gamification, spatial computing, and the merging of offline and online experiences.

Reinventing Media Agencies Top executives from Dentsu, Madison, and FoxyMoron debate the evolving agency models, upskilling needs, independent vs. network structures, and the war for talent.

These panels aim to bring diverse perspectives on current challenges and opportunities, fostering insightful discussions among thought leaders.


Testing Innovation and Marketing Skills

MICANVAS 2023 hosts high-intensity marketing competitions that challenge participants to analyze, innovate, and execute marketing strategies.

Brand Battles Teams analyze real brands, identify business problems, and devise innovative integrated marketing solutions covering branding, communication, pricing, distribution, and more.

Ad Mad In this advertising idea competition, teams develop creative TV, print, outdoor, and digital campaigns for given brands/products, with judging based on strategy, creativity, and execution.

Media Mania Teams simulate the dynamic media planning process, allocating budgets across platforms, negotiating with channels, and presenting media plans to a client.

Markathon A business quiz testing marketing fundamentals and current affairs knowledge through an engaging format involving video and audio-based questions.

Idea Labs Participants work on live projects from companies, ideating solutions centered on product innovation, customer insights, marketing strategy, branding, and more, presenting to expert panels.

Winners of each competition will be recognized at the fest closing ceremony, providing hands-on learning through real business simulations and problems to hone conceptual, analytical, and execution skills.

Cultural Events

Celebrating Creativity and Camaraderie

MICANVAS 2023 offers an exciting lineup of cultural events and activities to foster creativity, camaraderie, and relaxation.

MICANVAS’s Got Talent Delegates can showcase their talents in singing, dancing, acting, comedy, and other art forms in a talent show. Top acts will be awarded.

Ad-tastic Teams produce short, entertaining TVCs and digital films within set constraints for an ad filmmaking competition. Films are screened and voted on.

Fashion Show MICA’s fashion design students showcase their latest collection on the ramp with themes reflecting the conference.

Treasure Hunt An engaging city-wide scavenger hunt tests observation skills and teamwork through clues embedded across Ahmedabad.

Games Zone Enjoy fun activities like marketing board games and quizzes with spot prizes during breaks, keeping the festive spirit alive.

DJ Night Unwind after packed days of learning and competition with a high-energy musical evening featuring top DJs.

These events offer rejuvenating breaks, entertainment, and networking opportunities, showcasing the creative talents of MICA students.


Shaping the Future of Marketing

In its 22nd edition, MICANVAS 2023 promises to be the biggest and most impactful marketing conference in India. Bringing together top thought leaders, industry practitioners, students, and future marketers on a single platform, MICANVAS has played a pivotal role in shaping the marketing discourse.

The 2023 Theme With its theme “Think Beyond Boxes, Redefine Horizons,” MICANVAS 2023 encourages participants to challenge conventions and think innovatively about the future of marketing. The conference aims to provide a platform for disruptive ideas and unique perspectives.

Diverse Learning Opportunities Through plenary sessions, workshops, panel discussions, competitions, and cultural events spread over three days, MICANVAS 2023 offers holistic and experiential learning. Delegates gain practical skills and exposure to the latest tools, techniques, and case studies, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenges of the marketing industry.

Recognizing Excellence The conference recognizes excellence through various prizes and accolades, fostering collaboration and networking between students, academia, and industry, helping identify new talent.

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