The CROWN Token Listings Announced – Success and Liquidity web3.0

The CROWN token, which will power transactions and purchases within the immersive virtual world Crownworld, is currently in its early development stages trading around $0.10. However, as the project progresses towards its ambitious goals, the token price is expected to rise significantly. Crownworld is an upcoming virtual world platform that aims to be fully immersive through virtual reality support. It will allow users to socialize, play games, attend events and create their own content within a diverse set of 3D environments.

Why Could it Become Popular The CROWN token?

  • Fully immersive VR experience from launch
  • Focus on AI safety to prevent issues plaguing other platforms
  • Large, detailed virtual landscapes for exploration and creation
  • Potential to become a metaverse platform as the technology evolves

The CROWN Token

Crownworld will utilize its own ERC-20 compatible token called CROWN for in-world transactions like purchasing land or items. The token can also be used to gain exclusive access to alpha/beta testing.

Price Predictions The CROWN Token

As the platform has yet to launch, the token price is currently low at around $0.10. However, as development progresses and more details are revealed, analysts predict the price could rise significantly to $1-3 within a year of full launch depending on adoption.

Launch Timeline The CROWN Token

While no firm dates have been given, the developers have stated they aim to have the first environment and core features ready for early alpha testing by mid-2023. A beta phase is expected later in 2023 with the full public launch planned for 2024.

Team The Crownworld

team includes veterans from game development studios and metaverse platforms who bring expertise in VR, 3D worlds and community building. They have also partnered with Anthropic to help guide the ethical development of AI systems.
 The CROWN Token
The CROWN Token


CROWN Token Price Predictions:

  • Short Term (1 year after launch): $1-3
  • Mid Term (3 years): $5-10
  • Long Term (5+ years): $10-25
These predictions are based on Crownworld achieving success in attracting users to its immersive virtual world experience. Growing adoption and usage of the CROWN token for in-game transactions and purchases could drive the price up significantly over time.
Launch Timeline:
  • Early 2023: First closed alpha tests begin in a limited environment for bug testing. Token price around $0.10.
  • Mid 2023: Expanded alpha with additional biomes and features. Token rises to $0.25-0.50.
  • Late 2023: Beta phase opens to more testers. First partner integrations go live. Token hits $0.50-1.
  • Early 2024: Full public launch of Crownworld 1.0 with multiple environments, activities and creator tools. Token reaches $1-3 range.
  • 2024-2025: Continued expansion, new features and integrations. Widespread adoption could see token hit mid-term price targets.
The development team aims to have the core virtual world experience ready for a public beta in late 2023. An initial full feature launch is planned for early 2024, with ongoing development expanding the world in the following years. Achieving these milestones will be key to realizing price potential.

Immersive Virtual Reality Support

In a major reveal, Crownworld developers announced that the platform will support VR headsets from launch. This immersive capability will set Crownworld apart from other virtual worlds that are primarily browser-based experiences. The team stated their goal is to “bring the fullest VR experience possible to users from day one.” Native support for headsets like the Oculus Quest and Valve Index is planned.

AI Safety Through Partnership

Crownworld formed a partnership with AI safety startup Anthropic to help guide the development of the virtual world’s underlying AI systems. Using Anthropic’s “Constitutional AI” techniques, the goal is to ensure any AI in Crownworld remains helpful, harmless, and honest. This focus on AI safety from the ground up aims to prevent issues seen in other virtual platforms.

Diverse Virtual Environments Concept

art shared on Twitter teased some of the landscapes that will be available, like forests, cities, and beaches. The team hinted these will be expansive, detailed worlds for exploration, events, and user-created content. More information on the scope and variety of environments is expected in future announcements.

Continued Development Progress

While firm release dates have not been given, the regular updates provide signs that development is progressing well. Fans are encouraged to follow @crownworld_io for the latest reveals on features, partnerships, and when they can experience this promising new virtual world for themselves.
Crownworld’s developers aim to have the first closed alpha environment ready for testing by mid-2023, followed by an expanded alpha and beta phase through late 2023. If these milestones are met and the experience gains early adoption, analysts predict CROWN could reach $1-3 in value within a year of the full public launch planned for early 2024. From there, ongoing development and integration of additional features, partnerships and user-created content could drive widespread adoption and see CROWN appreciate towards its mid-term price targets of $5-10 by 2026.

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