TCS Cyber Security

TCS Cyber Security Course also covers Cybersecurity as the process of preventing theft, damage, and unauthorized access to computer systems, networks, and data. In a time when governments and companies significantly rely on digital infrastructure, any cybersecurity incident might have disastrous repercussions. Also, Read TCS’s other blog: TCS Categories TCS Bus Service TCS Cab Facility … Read more

How To Fill TCS Timesheet

You can learn about how to fill TCS timesheet daily, Members of the project can track their daily time consumption using the timesheet module. The project management module allows for the recording of time against either allocated or unassigned tasks. Tasks that are associated with a project specified in the project management module but do … Read more

TCS Rio E2 Assessment Answers

To celebrate RIO week, TCS is organizing several events and Assessments like TCS Rio E2 Assessment Answers that employees can join to share their ideas. RIO stands for Rigour In Operations. It’s a big celebration or event. I thought it was a bit boring, though. The event includes games, quizzes, plays, team activities, and more. We get … Read more

Band in TCS

In TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), the term “Reject Band in TCS” refers to the performance rating or Annual Rating given to employees not meeting the expected performance standards. This rating is used to identify employees who need improvement and may lead to certain consequences, such as reduced compensation. This rating is based on your last … Read more